Together with the DOST-Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD), the 16th Philippine National Health Research System Week Celebration will be hosted by the Eastern Visayas Health Research and Development Consortium (EVHRDC) on August 8-11, 2023 at the Summit Hotel, Tacloban City.

This year’s theme, “Sustainable Development: Resilience through Health Research” will showcase how health research and innovation will pave the way to reach our sustainable development goals for health in this post pandemic era.

PNHRS Week Celebration aims to promote a smoother exchange of health research and related information among concerned stakeholders and to contribute to increased visibility and value of health research. The celebration also aims to gather stakeholders to be able to share their expertise, experiences, insights, and best practices in undertaking health R&D, in order to develop innovative solutions that would enhance initiatives to improve and strengthen the performance of the health research community.

Greetings to our partners in health research!

As the lead coordinator of the Philippine National Health Research System (PNHRS), I extend my warmest invitation to everyone to join us in celebrating the 16th Philippine National Health Research System Week with the theme, “Sustainable Development: Resilience through Health Research.”

Hosted by the Eastern Visayas Health Research and Development Consortium (EVHRDC), this week-long celebration aims to bring together esteemed professionals, researchers, and representatives from various organizations  to exchange knowledge, share breakthroughs, and foster collaboration in the field of health research. The strength of the PNHRS lies in its diverse yet interconnected network, as we are always able to build on partnerships in R&D to help address the country’s most pressing health concerns and achieve our overall goals in health. 

Everyone’s participation will not only contribute to the success of the PNHRS but also help in fostering a collaborative environment where new ideas can flourish.  Join us as we share best practices and experiences in sharing our hearts for the Filipino through health research and development.

Mabuhay ang PNHRS!

Executive Director, Philippine Council for Health Research and Development 
Lead Coordinator, Philippine National Health Research System

Regional Director, DOH-EV CHD

Greetings of good health to all of our partners and stakeholders!

It brings our region- Eastern Visayas, great honor to be hosting the 16th Philippine National Health Research System (PNHRS) Week Celebration—especially as we conduct this in the context of our transition from the COVID-19 pandemic, towards a brighter, richer, and more resilient health system.

Bearing the theme, “Sustainable Development: Resilience through Health Research”, this convention features the important role that Health Research and Development fulfills in driving sustainable development across the Philippine health sector. We will be showcasing exceptional health research initiatives that contribute to our nation’s Sustainable Development Goals agenda. At the same time, we aim to foster collaboration among stakeholders—to bring together the brightest of minds and most influential figures in the health research community to build new bridges, strengthen existing partnerships, and bear fruit to new innovations in our endeavor to reinforce evidence-based health research initiatives, that would be the cornerstone of landmark health care reforms in the country.

Health research and development, indeed, is the bedrock of our sector, and on a more consequential note, the health research community has long ushered meaningful impacts on the lives of every Filipino.

The institutionalization of the partnership between the DOST, the DOH, the CHED, and UP Manila through the PNHRS Act of 2013, especially, highlighted the need for stronger collaboration between different sectors to facilitate a harmonious health research and development environment and, in effect of our vigorous health research community, paved the way for groundbreaking legislations—no less than the likes of the Universal Health Care Act.

With the entire country now gearing towards the full implementation of the UHC, we are at a coincidental crossroads as we carry our lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic—and on our end, the pandemic certainly left us with an arsenal of R&D in the name of medical science and public health. We have an abundance of resources to guide us along the way as we progressively realize the mandates and philosophies behind Universal Health Care.

In the upcoming PNHRS Week Celebration, may we have fruitful collaborations and innovations as we transform our COVID-19 wins into UHC wins!

Damo nga salamat!

Greetings to all our valuable health research partners and STI stakeholders!

On behalf of the regional line agencies/institutions representing the PNHRS’s core agencies in the region together with the active member-institutions of the Eastern Visayas Health Research and Development Consortium, it is with great pride that we extend our sincerest invitation to all of you to the 16th Philippine National Health Research System (PNHRS) Week Celebration on August 8-11, 2023 at the Summit Hotel, Tacloban City.

For the first time in the PNHRS week celebration’s history, the Eastern Visayas will now host this timely, relevant, and pivotal event that epitomizes the fusion of intelligence, compassion, and innovation in health research. This also gives us the opportunity to show our people’s warmth hospitality and showcase the many beautiful places in the region to everyone.

With the theme: “Sustainable Development: Resilience through Health Research”, we recognize that resilience in our health research and development is the key to our sustainable development. We have the privilege and responsibility to channel our knowledge for the good of all – to create a nation where health and progress harmonize. Let our actions echo beyond the corners of the nation, leaving an indelible mark in our history.

Looking forward to a very productive collaborations and resounding success as we celebrate the 16th PNHRS Week. Damo nga Salamat.

Mabuhay an PNHRS!

Engr. Ernesto M. Granada
Regional Director, DOST VIII
Co-Chairperson, EVHRDC